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(͏ ͒ ◉ ꈊ◉  ͒) Hello • Hola • 你好 my name is Jacob Romeo Lecuyer. 

I work as a creative director and visual development artist in the world of animation, games, comics, and theme parks. I love working with talented design teams and fellow world builders to actualize visions much bigger than anything we could create as individuals. Below you'll find a sample of some of the projects I've directed or worked on as a design lead. On the following pages you'll find more examples of my own work as well as a collection of my sketches and studies.     ☆ ☆ ☆ Enjoy and thanks for visiting! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:·゚✧ is a massive multimedia world exploration hub designed to be experienced through: comics, video games, animation, & illustration.  

Iron John, my graduate thesis was an illustrated storybook in which three original Brothers Grimm fairy stories, are set in new worlds and visually reinterpreted with new illustrations.

Ice_world_square copy.jpg

Meow Wolf Ice World-

Visual Development Lead:

Jacob Romeo Lecuyer

Team: Lysander Cramer,

Nate Gutierrez, Mary Farrah,   Jaco Foster, Sahaih Escobedo, Dani Herrera.  


When an alien race arrives on planet EEMIA with mysterious bio-mechanical beings known as NAVIGATORS, the planet is saved from an ice age caused by the collapse of its third sun. For a thousand years, Eemians and their Navigators explore space and use the Mechs’ ability to create wormholes to stabilize the planet’s orbit around its two remaining suns; that is, until one young Navigator pilot compromises this ancient stability…

MWV Square.jpg

Meow Wolf Vegas -

Meow Wolf’s second permanent installation, Omega Mart, is an interactive, mind-bending immersive art experience. Participants explore an extraordinary supermarket that bursts into surreal worlds and unexpected landscapes. As a visual development lead I created a diverse array of illustration, animation, and visual development for this unique multi media experience.

MWD Square.jpg

Meow Wolf Denver - Three years in the making, this 4-story immersive art exhibition is home to 70+ unique installations, rooms, and portals. Serving as visual development lead I created a multitude of illustration, animation, and visual development for this unique multi media experience.

I developed Moons of Zahein  at Garson Studios in New Mexico. In conjunction with The Santa Fe Univerity of Art and Design I directed and developed this 240 page illustrated manuscript, which was published through the University. 



Santa Fe University of Art and Design -  In 2015 I was recruited by SFUAD to team up with Disney Artist David Gardner to build and run their 120 unit Digital Arts and Visual Development program. Inside you can explore some of the student work from that program.

Mystery_box copy.jpg

NDA restricted project 3 - Shucks you need a password for this one as well and I'm not gonna lie, it's even cooler than the other two!

p   r  o   j   e   c   t   s

Mystery_box copy.jpg

NDA restricted project 1 - You need a password to peek at this one.

Mystery_box copy.jpg

NDA restricted project 2 - Sorry you need a password for this one too: Cool cats only.

NDA Restricted Portfolio 1

-----"Avast thar be Dragons!"-----

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